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Newcrest Mining Lab

Newcrest is a major mining company within Australia operating several mines in the Orange (close to Bathurst) area, primarily extracting gold.

One of the challenges Newcrest faces, is the occurrence of very large rock fragments which can jam a conveyor belt and costs many tens of thousands of dollars in downtime. Giant machines smash the solid rockface into pieces which are then dumped on to a conveyor belt to be shipped back and up for processing and ore extraction. But sometimes this pile of rock fragments at the coal face contains huge chunks buried beneath the surface, and it is essential to find (and splinter) them before they start their journey.

PhD student Allen Benter has eveloped the use of ground penetrating radar for detecting hidden oversize rocks. It has proved very successful and led to a best paper conference prize in 2009.

Technical Officer Anthony Wallis collecting rock samples

Ground Penetrating Radar

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